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Physically, not socially, distanced support

Most tutors have a paradoxical tension that they need to manage now: providing direction and guidance to their students while acknowledging that the path ahead isn’t clear. Doing one thing without the other doesn’t work.

Known Unknowns

The past couple of weeks have seen the curve of speculation flattened somewhat as Universities await the Government response to UUK’s call for help. This is now delayed as it appears that late last week Government decided to press pause on the UUK’s proposed rescue package.

The Covid-19 debate in HE continues

Managing remote teams

The new student life

Many International students in the UK have been plunged into a Kafkaesque world of uncertainty and fear. In a situation of Global pandemic their routes to return home have been rapidly shut down.

New Blackbullion research finds that university students feel abandoned by the government during coronavirus

Last week, we came across some alarming social media threads from our student community. Students were panicking about their finances. They couldn’t find the answers they needed.

Is it the new normal? Not so much.

First face to face teaching went, then libraries and now support services all moving as quickly as they can to online. But now the majority of students are having to quit their accommodation.

Financial checklist for covid-19 times

Now is a key time to consider what is happening to your household incomes and how you can respond.

COVID-19 and Access to Funding Support

The spread of COVID-19 is a public health emergency and while the impact on business and the stock markets is clear - Coronavirus wiped out $1.7 trillion in US stock market...