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How to support students taking time out of studying

Student finance expert Lynne Condell MBE looks at the support available for students taking time out of study and what staff need to know.

5 areas of student funding that have changed: explained by the SLC

The SLC explains 5 areas of student funding that have undergone recent changes, what they mean for students, and what university and college staff need to know.

8 ways to support students with the cost of living crisis

Actionable ways university and college support staff can support students with the most pressing challenge they’re facing right now: the cost of living crisis.

An investor’s thoughts on NFTs, crypto & Bitcoin

An investor and industry expert shares his thoughts on NFTs, crypto and Bitcoin to help support staff build a deeper understanding of these activities.

Esports explained: prevalence, risks and support options

GamCare explains what esports are, how students are getting involved with esports, the potential risks and where to go for help with gaming or gambling-related harm.

Content creation: ways to make money online and how staff can support students

How students are using online content creation to try to make money and how staff can support them, covering the benefits, considerations and potential risks.

Student Q&A: How can universities best support students with financial wellbeing?

University students Aelesia, Danielle and Suzette share their views on how universities can best support students with financial wellbeing.

10 insights from students on money management and fintech

Three students share 10 insights into how they are managing money and using fintech, to help university and college staff deepen their understanding of students' financial behaviour.

Supporting students with: Cryptocurrency

Everything support staff need to know about cryptocurrency - what it is, how it works and why young people are attracted to it, as well as the dangers for students and how staff can support students to use crypto safely.

Recognising and responding to economic abuse

The charity Surviving Economic Abuse explains how to recognise and respond to economic abuse to help staff support student victims and survivors.