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Supporting students with: Cryptocurrency

Everything support staff need to know about cryptocurrency - what it is, how it works and why young people are attracted to it, as well as the dangers for students and how staff can support students to use crypto safely.

Supporting students with: Loan sharks and illegal money lenders

Expert Steve Ward from the England Illegal Money Lending Team joined us to cover everything university and college staff need to know when it comes to loan sharks and how best to support students with illegal money lenders. Here's a summary of the session.

Supporting students with: Buy Now Pay Later

50% of Gen-Z are already using Buy Now Pay Later, and this figure is only going to grow! Here's everything staff need to know to support students with BNPL.

A student perspective: financial anxiety in students and opportunities for the sector

Salma Hussain, President of KCLSU, joined us for a candid conversation about financial anxiety in students and opportunities for universities and colleges.

Financial education and student wellbeing with Dr Dominique Thompson

A summary of the conversation between Dr Dominique Thompson and our Founder & CEO, Vivi, about financial education and the impact of money worries on student wellbeing.

Takeaways from our sector expert webinar speakers

Our regular webinar briefings have kept HE staff up to date on all things financial wellbeing and support for students. Here's a recap of takeaways from this term's sector expert guest speakers.

The USS with Dr Sam Marsh: where are we now and what’s next?

Dr Sam Marsh from the University of Sheffield is the national negotiator for the University and College Union on the USS pension scheme. He gave us a great overview of the USS, including the lowdown on where we're at now and what might happen next.

The impact of financial concerns on student and staff wellbeing

Pete Quinn (Pete Quinn Consulting) highlights the latest research regarding the impact of financial concerns on both student and staff wellbeing. He also makes practical suggestions for how universities and colleges can address these.

How to engage students in financial wellbeing activities

We were joined for our webinar this week by Student Money Mentors from King’s College London. Here are their inspiring and innovative tips for engaging students in financial wellbeing activities.

5 focuses for universities this ‘roller coaster’ term, by Jim Dickinson

Jim Dickinson, Associate Editor at Wonkhe and Former Director at the National Union of Students, joined us for our first webinar of the term and there was no shortage of HE sector news to discuss! Jim highlighted 5 key themes for universities to focus on in the coming months.