Funding Hub

The UK’s largest hub of support funds, scholarships and grants for students. Providing your students with one place to search and apply for tens of millions of pounds worth of supplementary funds.


Everything in one place

One, centralised place for your students to search and apply for tens of millions of pounds worth of supplementary funds. Relieve stress and reduce confusion for students in need with one clear message: visit the Blackbullion Funding Hub.

An easy way for your students to find funds they may be eligible for

Students have the ability to filter according to their home country, location of study, level of study and subject area to search through a high volume of additional funding opportunities to find those they may be eligible for.

Scholarship opportunities from external businesses and organisations

We’re working with external businesses and organisations, encouraging them to offer scholarships, grants and bursaries for your students. And adding each one to the Funding Hub.

Take the pressure off your organisation’s support funds

The Funding Hub takes pressure off your hardship and other support funds by raising awareness of external sources of supplementary money. Including scholarships, grants and bursaries from external businesses and organisations.

Make financial support from your organisation more discoverable

Make it easier for your students to find the financial support at your organisation that they may be eligible for. Not just hardship; you can include an unlimited number of your support funds, scholarships and bursaries on our Funding Hub.

A seamless, supported application process

If you opt to use our Funds Management System (FMS), your students can apply for funds at your organisation through our platform. No more email chains or scattered documents! Just a faster and less stressful experience for your students and the staff who process applications.

“I didn’t expect that you could search and apply for funds, and it made it a lot easier than having to search for each one individually because I could filter for my course. If I found Blackbullion sooner it would have saved me a lot of time and made my life a lot easier.”

First year student University of York

The UK’s largest hub of scholarships, grants and additional funding for students

We’re actively approaching external businesses and organisations, working with them to provide scholarships, grants and bursaries for your students to supplement any student finance funding they may receive.

Each one is added to our Funding Hub and will often come with employment opportunities for your students as well.

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£20+ million

awarded to students through Blackbullion

Tens of millions

of pounds worth of supplementary funds for your students to search through and apply for


of students say they are more able to focus on their studies as a result of applying for funding through Blackbullion


offered to students by our corporate partners in scholarships


brand new scholarships offered by businesses added to our Funding Hub last year


“We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from students.”

Rachel Leighton-Jones Former Financial Support Officer University of Essex

“Blackbullion is a fantastic tool. The student response has been that Blackbullion is really accessible and very useful.”

Rachael Glover Undergraduate Support Advisor, University Centre South Essex

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