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Takeaways from our sector expert webinar speakers

Our regular webinar briefings have kept HE staff up to date on all things financial wellbeing and support for students. Here's a recap of takeaways from this term's sector expert guest speakers.

Steps taken in 2020 towards making the world money smarter

As we reflect on 2020 and look hopefully towards 2021, here’s what this year has meant for us at Blackbullion and for our unwavering mission to make the world money smarter, one student at a time.

What can fintech offer higher education?

Discover the ways fintech is relevant for the higher education sector and the benefits of integrating financial technology for both staff and students.

Is this a new dawn for online education?

Martin Hamilton, a computer scientist with a focus on research and education, reflects on what 2020 has meant for edtech and whether this is the start of a new dawn for online education.

Students’ thoughts on help from support staff this term

We asked our student community for their thoughts on the help they've received from university support staff this term. Here's what they said. Spoiler: there’s a lot of love in this free, downloadable report!

The future is fintech

In part one of our blog series about fintech, we cover the basics. Find out exactly what fintech is, why it's the future, and what you can do to keep up with the rapid pace of change when it comes to financial services and the banking industry.

The USS with Dr Sam Marsh: where are we now and what’s next?

Dr Sam Marsh from the University of Sheffield is the national negotiator for the University and College Union on the USS pension scheme. He gave us a great overview of the USS, including the lowdown on where we're at now and what might happen next.

Students’ thoughts on tuition fee refunds

In the spirit of listening more to students themselves, we asked our student community for their thoughts on tuition fee refunds for those studying under Covid restrictions. Here's what they said; read the free PDF report.

Identifying and combating burnout: suggestions to prioritise wellbeing

Many of us are feeling covid-fatigued! See our suggestions for prioritising personal and professional wellbeing and read the thoughts of Vivi, our Founder & CEO, about how to prevent, recognise and combat burnout in yourself and others.