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The USS pension scheme with Dr Sam Marsh: where are we now and what’s next?

Dr Sam Marsh from the University of Sheffield is the national negotiator for the University and College Union on the USS pension scheme. He gave us a great overview of the USS, including the lowdown on where we're at now and what might happen next.

Building Blackbullion: Product Team

Get an insight into how the Product team works at Blackbullion and meet our Product Manager, Migle, in this third 'Building Blackbullion' post.

Financial attitudes & values among students

In the first of three insights & trends reports about student financial wellbeing, we share students’ financial attitudes and values around money.

Building Blackbullion: Customer Success

Meet a member of our Customer Success team and learn how the team works closely with university & college staff to support students' financial wellbeing.

Building Blackbullion: Team Marketing

Learn about Team Marketing and our Product Marketing Manager, Rosie, in this first post from our 'Building Blackbullion' series, giving you an insight to the people behind the platform!

How to support university students with 6 major financial risks

Here's a summary of our 6-part webinar series on major financial risks for university students and how staff can support students faced with these risks.

6 ways to relax this summer (and beyond!)

Learn how university staff can find ways to relax over the summer and into the future with lots of tips & recommendations from Team Blackbullion.

The impact of financial risk on student mental health

Dr Dominique Thompson joined us for an important session on the impact of financial risk on student mental health, including the motives for and consequences of risk-taking behaviour and what support staff can do to help students.

Supporting students with: Gambling and gaming

Kev from the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust shared the biggest risks students face right now from gambling, betting and gaming, where they can get help and how staff can best support.