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Supporting students with: Cryptocurrency

Everything support staff need to know about cryptocurrency - what it is, how it works and why young people are attracted to it, as well as the dangers for students and how staff can support students to use crypto safely.

Investing in financial education: the best student experience strategy

Ambar Ennis, Vice President for Community and Wellbeing at John Moores Students’ Union, looks at what the findings from Student Money & Wellbeing 2022 mean.

“For students, understanding money is as important for their wellbeing as understanding consent or mental health”

Dr Dom Thompson shares how understanding money is as important for students’ wellbeing as understanding consent or mental health and ways universities can help.

Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing 2022 summary

Summary of the first Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing, including everything that happened during the festival and what participating students thought.

Student money and wellbeing; behind the numbers of the new Blackbullion research

Lynne Condell MBE reviews the findings from the Student Money & Wellbeing 2022 report and comments on what they mean for students and the HE sector as a whole.

3 ways student financial wellbeing has shifted in the last year

Three ways student financial wellbeing has shifted over the past year, based on findings from our Student Money & Wellbeing 2022 research.

Student finance changes & Augar response: what you need to know

The government's response to the Augar review announces changes to the student finance system. Here's what you need to know.

How to help students find paid work

Ideas to help support staff assist students when they’re searching and applying for jobs, both alongside their studies and after graduation.

Student Futures Manifesto for bright times ahead

A look at the main points from the UPP Foundation’s ‘Student Futures Manifesto’ and welcoming the findings alongside our own work and vision.