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Investing in financial education: the best student experience strategy

Ambar Ennis, Vice President for Community and Wellbeing at John Moores Students’ Union, looks at what the findings from Student Money & Wellbeing 2022 mean.

“For students, understanding money is as important for their wellbeing as understanding consent or mental health”

Dr Dom Thompson shares how understanding money is as important for students’ wellbeing as understanding consent or mental health and ways universities can help.

Student money and wellbeing; behind the numbers of the new Blackbullion research

Lynne Condell MBE reviews the findings from the Student Money & Wellbeing 2022 report and comments on what they mean for students and the HE sector as a whole.

Money and financial wellbeing; a whole university approach

Lynne Condell MBE looks at how a whole-institution approach will help universities and colleges address student worries about money and prioritise financial wellbeing.

Is this a new dawn for online education?

Martin Hamilton, a computer scientist with a focus on research and education, reflects on what 2020 has meant for edtech and whether this is the start of a new dawn for online education.

Estranged students: coping on their own

Susan Mueller from Stand Alone, a charity supporting and campaigning for adults estranged from family, shares the challenges estranged students face and 5 ways HE providers can support them, now and during the upcoming festive period.

3 ways to improve accessibility of your funding application process

In this guest blog post by Pete Quinn, Pete discusses the challenges of accessibility for the traditional funding application process and suggests 3 ways universities can make the process easier for both staff and students.