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We partner with over 75 universities, colleges and businesses across the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to proactively support student financial wellbeing. While also enabling socially conscious businesses to create diverse pipelines of next-generation talent such as:

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Talent Attraction

Pipeline high potential talent by connecting with the right graduate candidates earlier.


Social mobility

Enhance socioeconomic representation in your business by helping students who start with less go further. 


Employer Branding

Gen Z wants to work for companies who live by their values. Show your commitment to young people and grow your brand recognition amongst the future workforce.


Social Value

Create demonstrable social value by supporting those who are most in need. Track the outcomes and evidence your impact.


Recruitment Strategy

Transform the way you pipeline talent by building key relationships earlier.


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Tech-powered, creative and collaborative solution to:

Streamline the process.

Manage the scholarship creation, promotion, selection, and payment, all in a single funds management system – or let us do it for you.

Automate the process.

By using one powerful and intuitive dashboard, accessible from any device.

Distribute funding confidently.

Automate and safeguard the funds by ensuring that recipients remain eligible. Reduce your breakage and waste.

How does it work?

Blackbullion provides an end to end solution for maximum impact and minimum effort.


We’ll share our expertise to help set eligibility criteria like geography, demographics, etc.


Publish the opportunities to make them available to our 200,000+ student users


Promote your scholarships through our newsletters, social feeds, etc.


Review every application or ask us to shortlist applicants and decide on your Scholars


Link your scholarship to our financial literacy courses to ensure the best outcomes


Send payments out to your recipients through our Instant Payments functionality

National Scholarships Week 2024

National Scholarships Week unites universities, businesses, and stakeholders to diversify talent pipelines and reimagine university funding.

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