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Financial education and student wellbeing with Dr Dominique Thompson

A summary of the conversation between Dr Dominique Thompson and our Founder & CEO, Vivi, about financial education and the impact of money worries on student wellbeing.

The future of payments: fintech and student hardship funding

Fintech is evolving; find out how it can be used to improve the student hardship funding experience and deliver faster financial support to those who need it.

5 good ‘Covid cash habits’ to keep up

How we spend our money has changed significantly with the pandemic. Let's take a look at the new 'Covid cash habits' many of us have developed and consider which ones to continue.

How to promote financial education to students: free resource

Promoting financial education to students can be a lofty aim at the best of times. Check out these tried and tested strategies and download your free financial education social media playbook.

Takeaways from our sector expert webinar speakers

Our regular webinar briefings have kept HE staff up to date on all things financial wellbeing and support for students. Here's a recap of takeaways from this term's sector expert guest speakers.

Steps taken in 2020 towards making the world money smarter

As we reflect on 2020 and look hopefully towards 2021, here’s what this year has meant for us at Blackbullion and for our unwavering mission to make the world money smarter, one student at a time.

What can fintech offer higher education?

Discover the ways fintech is relevant for the higher education sector and the benefits of integrating financial technology for both staff and students.

Is this a new dawn for online education?

Martin Hamilton, a computer scientist with a focus on research and education, reflects on what 2020 has meant for edtech and whether this is the start of a new dawn for online education.

Students’ thoughts on help from support staff this term

We asked our student community for their thoughts on the help they've received from university support staff this term. Here's what they said. Spoiler: there’s a lot of love in this free, downloadable report!