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We need your help!

We're looking for students who might be interested in taking part in a large-scale research project, and we need your help as staff to spread the word!

5 reasons to consider using tech for student financial support

Each cohort of students is more digitally expectant than the last and it's becoming increasingly important for institutions to incorporate technology into their financial support offering. Here's 5 reasons to consider it.

5 financial opportunities of the new tax year

The new tax year provides an opportunity to set some resolutions for your money. Here are 5 financial actions to take right now.

Our complex relationship with money: the importance of financial education

In celebration of Vivi's new book Stay Financially Healthy While You Study, here's a summary of Vivi’s conversation with Clare Seal, the creator of the @myfrugalyear Instagram account, about our complex relationship with money, how finances affect students, and the importance of financial education and literacy.

What is the wellbeing tripod and why is it so important?

We can think of wellbeing as being the sum of three components - a ‘wellbeing tripod’ if you will. Let’s dive into each tripod ‘leg’ and the critical link between the three.

Financial self-care suggestions to love yourself, your family and the planet

These simple financial self-care suggestions will help you feel the love across four important areas, not only for a day but for years and years to come!

Investing 101: opportunities and considerations

Investing is something we are regularly asked about by both students and staff, so part 1 of this 'investing 101' series is all about the opportunities investing presents and considerations before getting started.

5 questions to focus on financial wellbeing

We rarely pay attention to how our decisions about money impact our financial wellbeing and in turn, our overall health. Start with these 5 questions to focus on financial wellbeing.

5 good ‘Covid cash habits’ to keep up

How we spend our money has changed significantly with the pandemic. Let's take a look at the new 'Covid cash habits' many of us have developed and consider which ones to continue.

Without financial dignity there can be no freedom