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How to help students understand debt

Discover suggestions for ways to support students who are borrowing or considering borrowing money during the cost of living crisis.

6 ways universities are helping students with the cost of living crisis

Get ideas and take inspiration from these 6 things universities are doing to support and empower students during the cost of living crisis.

Helping students prepare for life beyond university

Suggestions to support university and college staff in helping students prepare financially for life beyond their studies.

How to help students find paid work

Ideas to help support staff assist students when they’re searching and applying for jobs, both alongside their studies and after graduation.

5 ways to help students be financially prepared for university

Five suggestions for ways to help students be more financially prepared for university, before they even arrive on campus.

6 resources for staff to promote student financial wellbeing

6 blogs and downloads for support staff, each focusing on a different area related to students, money and their financial wellbeing.

We need your help!

We're looking for students who might be interested in taking part in a large-scale research project, and we need your help as staff to spread the word!

5 reasons to consider using tech for student financial support

Each cohort of students is more digitally expectant than the last and it's becoming increasingly important for institutions to incorporate technology into their financial support offering. Here's 5 reasons to consider it.

5 financial opportunities of the new tax year

The new tax year provides an opportunity to set some resolutions for your money. Here are 5 financial actions to take right now.

Our complex relationship with money: the importance of financial education

In celebration of Vivi's new book Stay Financially Healthy While You Study, here's a summary of Vivi’s conversation with Clare Seal, the creator of the @myfrugalyear Instagram account, about our complex relationship with money, how finances affect students, and the importance of financial education and literacy.