Written by Rosie Neill

Head of marketing

Off the back of our recent whitepaper, Money and mental health: how financial wellbeing impacts students, we began to wonder about the practical matters of financial support for students including what’s working and what’s not when it comes to supporting students’ financial wellbeing.

We know the student experience is central to institutions’ objectives, but a question we kept coming back to was: how can the high impact opportunities to accelerate student satisfaction be identified? And, critically, how can universities and colleges address them while increasingly needing to do even more with even less?

We suspected the answers lie in really listening to what students have to say on the topic – after all, the student voice is one of the most powerful tools for positive change that universities and colleges have in their arsenal!

Enter: our latest research report, Students’ thoughts on financial support from universities and colleges.

5 key questions to inform the future of financial support for students

With the future of financial support for students in mind, the research examines the practical matters of financial support – what students seek, how they seek it and when – to identify high impact, ‘quickest win’ opportunities for institutions. 

The report addresses five key questions regarding financial support for students and presents findings on each – from a survey completed by 1,000 students, conducted by Censuswide on our behalf:

  • What are students’ expectations for financial support from their place of study?
  • Where do students go for financial guidance and advice?
  • When are students seeking financial support?
  • What stops students from turning to student services?
  • How can technology help provide a world class student finance experience?

Download your copy of the report now.

Download the report

Students’ thoughts on financial support from universities and colleges


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