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6 resources for staff to promote student financial wellbeing

6 blogs and downloads for support staff, each focusing on a different area related to students, money and their financial wellbeing.

From students to support staff: thank you

Members of our student community say thank you to support staff for all their hard work and help throughout 2021.

How we championed student financial wellbeing in 2021

A look back at what 2021 meant for us at Blackbullion and our unwavering mission to support the financial wellbeing of young people around the world.

Supporting students with: Cryptocurrency

Everything support staff need to know about cryptocurrency - what it is, how it works and why young people are attracted to it, as well as the dangers for students and how staff can support students to use crypto safely.

Recognising and responding to economic abuse

The charity Surviving Economic Abuse explains how to recognise and respond to economic abuse to help staff support student victims and survivors.

A fantastic Unibattle 2021

Unibattle 2021 was the best year yet! Here’s a roundup of the competition, including how many students participated and completed some financial learning.

How to engage students in financial wellbeing activities

Student Money Mentors from King’s College London explain their top 5 innovative tips to engage students in financial wellbeing activities.

5 types of fraud that students are particularly vulnerable to

Alex, an Intelligence Analyst at the NFIB, shares 5 types of fraud that students are particularly vulnerable to and how support staff can help students identify and protect themselves against them.

Unibattle 2021: Who will be crowned ‘Money Smartest Institution’?

Learn about Unibattle, the annual, cross-institution competition for Blackbullion partners. Including what students get out of it and why your college or university should take part.

Introducing: The Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing

Learn about the Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing, taking place in February 2022, and why it’s more important now than ever to promote financial education among students.