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How multiple teams can use Blackbullion: a whole institution approach to student financial wellbeing

Learn how multiple university teams can use Blackbullion for a holistic approach to student financial wellbeing and see a real impact on recruitment, retention & attainment.

5 ways to relax, rest and look after yourself

Learn how university and college staff can find ways to relax with lots of tips & recommendations from Team Blackbullion.

How to promote financial education to students: free resource

Promoting financial education to students can be a lofty aim at the best of times. Check out these tried and tested strategies and download your free financial education social media playbook.

Financial checklist for covid-19 times

Now is a key time to consider what is happening to your household incomes and how you can respond.

Engaging students: 3 ways in 30 days

This year’s AMOSSHE Winter Conference theme was ‘Engaging Communities’ so we wanted to add our two-pence to the mix by sharing some ideas about engaging students with financial education