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Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Content creation: ways to make money online and how staff can support students

How students are using online content creation to try to make money and how staff can support them, covering the benefits, considerations and potential risks.

10 insights from students on money management and fintech

Three students share 10 insights into how they are managing money and using fintech, to help university and college staff deepen their understanding of students' financial behaviour.

Steps taken in 2020 towards making the world money smarter

As we reflect on 2020 and look hopefully towards 2021, here’s what this year has meant for us at Blackbullion and for our unwavering mission to make the world money smarter, one student at a time.

Helping students prepare for life beyond university

Suggestions to support university and college staff in helping students prepare financially for life beyond their studies.

Student Q&A: How can universities best support students with financial wellbeing?

University students Aelesia, Danielle and Suzette share their views on how universities can best support students with financial wellbeing.

Supporting students with: Cryptocurrency

Everything support staff need to know about cryptocurrency - what it is, how it works and why young people are attracted to it, as well as the dangers for students and how staff can support students to use crypto safely.

Investing in financial education: the best student experience strategy

Ambar Ennis, Vice President for Community and Wellbeing at John Moores Students’ Union, looks at what the findings from Student Money & Wellbeing 2022 mean.

5 types of fraud that students are vulnerable to

Alex, an Intelligence Analyst at the NFIB, shares 5 types of fraud that students are particularly vulnerable to and how support staff can help students identify and protect themselves against them.

Introducing: The Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing

Learn about the Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing, taking place in February 2022, and why it’s more important now than ever to promote financial education among students.