Is the cost of living crisis reshaping students’ perception of money?

What’s inside?

During ‘Money Confessions’, our Instagram Stories become a place for students to anonymously share their money experiences, worries and tips. Providing students with a place to:

  • Share their financial successes
  • Have a place to talk about the not-so-good times with money
  • Seek solace in the fact they aren’t alone

The campaign also offers valuable insights for staff into how the economy is influencing students’ financial behaviours and their attitudes toward money.

What’s covered?

This free, downloadable report offers a deep dive into students’ money perceptions, with a particular focus on how the current cost of living crisis may be influencing their views and understanding of money, including:

  • Present-focused mindset
  • Believing it’s now or never
  • Debt perception: ‘free money’ and ‘spreading the cost’
  • Value distortion