Written by Sean Maguinness

Marketing Executive

National Student Money Week (NSMW), an annual awareness campaign organised by NASMA, is making a comeback in March 2024.

To help Blackbullion partner universities and colleges make the most of the campaign, we’ve organised a competition focusing on helping students with a financial theme that is often overlooked and misunderstood: ‘risk’.

NSMW 2024 theme

Less risk, more reward

With online scams and credit card usage on the rise, this year, we’re embracing NASMA’s theme: “Less Risk, More Reward – maintaining financial wellbeing at university.” 

And with that in mind, we’re launching the ‘Risk’ learning competition for NSMW. 

The competition will help students who attend Blackbullion partner universities and colleges develop a better understanding of potential risks when it comes to finance and financial products so they can reap the rewards of being financially informed, secure, and confident! Students will also have the opportunity to win a £500 cash prize to help towards building their emergency savings fund.

How is Blackbullion supporting partners during National Student Money Week 2024?

Just like in previous years, partner universities and colleges will benefit from Blackbullion’s ready-made campaign resources. 

Alongside the brand new ‘Risk’ learning pathway, we’ll provide social media templates, email copy, as well as freebies and printed materials to give out on campus so that you have everything to engage your students during NSMW and the week after.

And, while the £500 may be the top prize, there’ll be loads of merchandise sent over so your students get something for just taking part, including packs of instant noodles (back by popular demand) to add some extra sparks of interest for the competition.

When is it?

National Student Money Week 2024 is scheduled to take place from 4 to 8 March 2024.

Throughout the week, valuable tips and tricks will be shared to help students navigate financial challenges on our social media. 

Recognising that the core week may not suit everyone, an extended period for the competition has been added. Students can participate in the ‘Risk’ learning competition by completing the pathway from 4 to 15 March 2024, providing flexibility for universities and colleges to organise activities that suit their schedules.

How do your students get involved?

Students at Blackbullion partner universities and colleges can get involved in the competition by completing the brand new 10-minute ‘Risk’ pathway on the learning platform and collecting the ‘NSMW 2024’ badge.

Earning the badge will automatically enter them into the prize draw, and put them in with a chance of winning £500 to top up their emergency fund!  To give students more time for financial learning and your team extra flexibility, our competition will run for an extra week after the campaign has come to a close. So students have from 4 March to 15 March to complete the pathway to be in with a chance of winning.

Prize draw details

Students who collect the ‘NSMW 2024’ badge by completing the ‘Risk’ learning pathway during NSMW 2024 will enter a prize draw for a chance to win a £500 emergency cash fund. The competition is designed to make it easy for institutions to embed financial wellbeing into NSMW activities while allowing room for additional initiatives.

How the competition benefits students

Promoting financial literacy

The ‘Risk’ learning competition will help address different types of risks and emergencies, loans, debt, credit cards and cybercrime, so students are equipped with all the latest knowledge and tips to keep their personal finances safe.

A practical prize

Our Risk competition offers a prize that alleviates the pressures of the cost of living, including contributing £500 for students to help boost or kick start their emergency savings. In addition, packs of instant noodles are a practical and popular giveaway you can use to encourage more students to spend 10 minutes of their time learning something new!

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