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Everything staff need to know about Open Banking

How Open Banking has changed the financial landscape and how it can make the funds application process easier for both staff and students.

8 ways to have conversations about money with students

Take inspiration from these 8 suggestions to find ways to open up money conversations with students.

How to help students understand debt

Discover suggestions for ways to support students who are borrowing or considering borrowing money during the cost of living crisis.

6 ways universities are helping students with the cost of living crisis

Get ideas and take inspiration from these 6 things universities are doing to support and empower students during the cost of living crisis.

Changes to fintech in 2023

A look into changes in the fintech industry and what they mean for staff and students in 2023.

National Student Money Week 2023

National Student Money Week returns, and this year students will learn more about ‘Navigating the Numbers’ during the worsening cost of living crisis.

How to support students taking time out of studying

Student finance expert Lynne Condell MBE looks at the support available for students taking time out of study and what staff need to know.