Written by Sean Maguinness

Marketing Executive

Against such a difficult economic backdrop, personal finance can be the root cause of stress and anxiety for so many students. That’s why finding ways to help students get into a healthy financial headspace is vital to ensure their money doesn’t disrupt their student experience. 

But, sometimes suggesting big changes to someone’s financial lifestyle can be difficult and overwhelming. That’s why, in our previous Money Monday webinar series, the focus was on helping students make small changes to their money habits day to day which, over time, would give them financial confidence for life!

After the success of the Money Monday webinar series, which encouraged students to build sustainable personal finance habits through bitesize weekly webinars, we decided to take things one step further.

Money Week 2024

Money Monday is back, but it’s taken over the entire week, running from 22-26 of April

The focus will still be on how students can make quick, easy changes to transform their personal finance skills for life. To help with this, we’re also launching limited-edition Blackbullion playing cards – packed with financial tips and actions to help students get money smarter.

How to claim cards 

To celebrate the launch of the first Blackbullion Money Week, we’ve created a set of limited-edition Blackbullion playing cards – packed with simple tips, tricks and actionable advice to prompt students into improving their financial wellbeing. Created with long-term money management in mind, your students can continue to build their financial confidence long after the week is over.

In order to claim a set of playing cards, students will need to take a few easy steps.

  1. Download the Blackbullion Money Manager app or login to the Blackbullion website (our app is free and available on both Android and iOS)
  2. Collect 55 bullions (by completing the learning on the platform or in-app actions) 
  3. Use bullions to redeem a set of limited edition cards via our app reward centre.

There’s only a limited number of decks available that week, so students can claim them on a first-come-first-served basis. Plus, in the interest of fairness, the decks will be limited to 1 redemption per user.

Daily themed posts

Each day has been assigned a theme to help you and your teams with promotion during the week. We’ve also highlighted 5 cards from the deck, and have created a daily post for Instagram and Twitter offering a deeper dive into the tips that feature on those cards. 

Keep an eye out for these in the social media section of the campaign cheat sheet. (Coming on 18 March).

Student money questions answered

Sometimes, the topic of money management can leave students with more questions than answers. So, leading up to, and throughout the week, students will also be encouraged to submit any questions that they might have about managing their finances to us on social media.

We’ll be accepting questions through our @blackbullion Instagram account (through our story and on a specific post) during the week and are aiming to answer them in a recorded Q&A session with Vivi Freidgut, financial expert and founder of Blackbullion.

How can I support students during this campaign

All partners will be provided with digital assets and a simple cheat sheet to help you integrate the campaign easily into your regular campus activities. All we ask you to do is to let your students know they can take part! 

There are plenty of ways students can get involved and benefit from the week, whether it be via learning and earning bullions to redeem the playing cards, or engaging with posts on social media.

You can let them know about it by sharing this blog we’ve made for students and by sharing these pre-prepared posts to your social media from your campaign cheat sheet. (Coming on 18 March)

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