As part of our efforts to provide impactful learning experiences for students, we’re delivering a new video player for the Blackbullion platform.

We have introduced a content playlist to help users track their progress, and provide greater visibility over the learning content within each module. The introduction of sub-headings results in the subject matter being easier to engage with. In addition, users now have a clearer understanding of their progress through the learning content, and more transparency over the points at which they will be assessed.

Our quiz questions are now displayed in a more accessible format. Providing instant feedback, and the ability to retake questions results in a more impactful learning experience for the user. Additionally, it facilitates the ability users have to improve their score and reinforce their learning.

Furthermore, users now have easier access to resources that can further their learning through the addition of  descriptions to the resources included in our modules.

We hope you, and your users, find these changes beneficial, and we look forward to producing future updates that further enable our users to acquire the financial knowledge necessary to thrive.