In the press

Dropping out of university is expensive – here’s how to recoup the fees

“Vivi Friedgut, founder of Blackbullion, said the student shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or...

Should we be striving for financial ‘wellness’, or does the pressure cause more harm than good?

“We’ve turned wellbeing into a competition, says Vivi Friedgut, founder and CEO of Blackbullion.”

Failure to increase students’ incomes in line with cost of living is scarring a generation

“This change in fortunes is demonstrated in shocking detail by the findings in this year’s...

Blackbullion unveils app to revolutionise student money management

“Blackbullion has rolled out a free money management app designed to transform financial wellbeing for...

Studying during rises in the cost of living

“Blackbullion’s survey found that 87% of students were worried about money, with 58% of those...

Financial confidence: How to boost yours and save smart, according to an expert

“We’ve chatted to Vivi Friedgut, founder of fintech for education, Blackbullion, for her insight on...

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