for Uni

A digital learning solution to prepare students for the financial reality of university life.

Money-Ready for Uni is a digital learning solution, designed to be used by the Outreach and Admissions teams to enhance a university’s support for prospective and soon-to-be students.

Demystify the student
funding process

Promote the financial case
for attending university

Involve parents and
guardians in the preparation

What’s included

For students

  • Dedicated learning pathways, including: Why Uni, Preparing for Uni, Fees and Funding.
  • A bespoke guide for parents and guardians
  • A student budget calculator
  • A loan repayment tool

For staff

  • Open day and onboarding tool
  • Pre-arrival and early transition support
  • User analytics
  • Widening participation outreach collateral
  • Promotional assets

Learning pathways and tools

Why Uni?

Demystify the student funding process, promote the financial case for attending university, and encourage young people to consider the benefits of attending university.

Preparing for Uni

Give students access to actionable insights and the financial knowledge they need by integrating this module into your onboarding process.

Parents’ Guide

Prepare parents and guardians to support students on their journey through higher education. Particularly useful in supporting first-generation households.

Fees and Funding

Provide a clear, concise guide to the university fees and funding processes.

Budget Calculator

Encourage students to take action before they land on campus with this easy to use budget calculator.

Loan Repayment Tool

Help students gain insight into how loan repayments will impact their finances once they’ve graduated.

A tailored tool to help Outreach and Admissions teams with the pre-arrival and university transition

Answer students’ financial questions at pre-arrival stage

Give all prospective students, and their parents or guardians, access to online resources that clarify the core elements of financial life at university.

Measure impact and student engagement

Easily monitor student engagement, sentiment data, and gain insight into the progress and development of your students through the analytics dashboard.

Enhance student onboarding

Ensure that all students transition successfully into university life by providing equal access to financial knowledge that reduces anxiety around money.

Integrate our solution easily into your existing activities

Use our customisable templates to successfully integrate our learning solution into your outreach initiatives, open days, and student onboarding.

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