Students’ thoughts on help from support staff

What’s inside?

We wanted to celebrate and show apprecitation for the dedicated university staff that have worked tirelessly to support students throughout the pandemic – and who better to show that appreciation than students themselves?

It’s easy to forget that behind the headlines of tiers and tears, daily infection reporting and relentless negativity, there has been much “business as usual” for students – albeit in very unusual conditions. They have attended lectures – face to face or online – and they have needed support. To provide this support, passionate staff have come through under extraordinary circumstances.

Here’s what our student community said about the help they’ve received from their university’s support staff.

What is covered?

We asked students who receive our newsletter two simple questions:

  • Q1. “Have you engaged with your university’s support staff (non-teaching staff) this term?” (Autumn term 2020)
  • Q2. “How would you describe the interaction with staff and the support you received?”

Spoiler: there’s a lot of love shared in this free, downloadable report!

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