Student Money & Wellbeing 2022

Student Money & Wellbeing is the annual Blackbullion research whitepaper about the impact of financial concerns on students’ mental health, physical health and university experience.

Following a Censuswide survey completed by 1,000+ university students across the UK, the 2022 report delves into changes to students’ financial wellbeing over the past year and the impact that the cost of living crisis and money worries are having.

What’s covered?

The key findings in this free, downloadable report are grouped into six areas:

  • How are money worries impacting students?
  • Can students afford to study in 2022? 
  • How are students plugging the financial gap between what they need and have?
  • How do students’ perceptions compare to their real-world financial behaviour?
  • Where are students learning about money?
  • How do students feel about their financial future?

Who is the report for?

The report aims to help university and college support staff, leadership,­ and the higher education community as a whole to better understand the very real impact that finances have across the entire student experience on a day-to-day basis and how the picture has changed in just the last 12 months.