Insights from Money Confessions 2023 on students’ financial behaviour

What’s inside?

‘Money Confessions’ returned to our Instagram Stories for a third time, providing students with a safe, non-judgemental space to share their money worries and experiences with fellow students.

Once again, the campaign gave students the opportunity to see that they’re not alone if they’re struggling, discover places they can go for help and learn from both the not-so-good times and personal finance successes of their peers. This year’s responses painted an important picture of how incredibly challenging economic times are affecting students on the ground.

This free, downloadable report for staff shares these insights and delves specifically into how the cost of living crisis has changed students’ financial behaviour – in their own words.

What is covered?

This free, downloadable report includes insights into student behaviour with regards to:

  • Selling possessions to make ends meet
  • Stunted savings and broken budgets
  • Avoiding public transport
  • The cost of convenience
  • Scams on the rise
  • Accruing more debt
  • Good money habits
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