How are students feeling about money?

What’s inside?

During ‘Money Confessions’, our Instagram Stories became an open forum for students to share their financial worries and experiences anonymously. The campaign provides them with a safe, non-judgemental space to share their thoughts with fellow students and also gives them the opportunity to:

  • See that they’re not alone if they’re struggling
  • Discover places they can go for help
  • Learn from both the not-so-good times and the personal finance successes of their peers

Not only this, but the campaign gives students the chance to express, in their own words, how the economy affects their financial behaviour and how experiences with money make them feel.

What’s covered?

This free, downloadable report includes insights into how students are feeling about their money with regard to:

  • Financial worries
  • Impulsion leading to overspending
  • Empathetic spending: ‘friend-lends’
  • Obligation to help family members
  • Shame when asking for support
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