Written by Ola Szaran

Chief Marketing Officer

Enriching students through financial education

For the past few months we have been working with UK universities to explore perceptions of financial education and to determine the impact of Blackbullion at the universities we are privileged to work with.

Financial worries is one of the top reasons students drop out of university.

Over the past decade, the Higher Education sector has witnessed a sharp increase in the cost of studying, largely funded by individual students’ fees, with an average student debt reaching £44,000. There has been a similar rocketing of living costs, adding to the accumulation of student debt. The likelihood of associated overdrafts, loans, and credit cards can make studying, already a challenging experience, into a financially stressful one.

We believe that through improving students’ financial education and reducing financial distress we can enhance resilience and better prepare students for the financial challenge they are likely to encounter at university and later in life. – Vivi Friedgut, Blackbullion Founder & CEO

Questions we wanted to answer

  1. What are students’ perceptions of their own personal financial context and literacy?
  2. Does Blackbullion change the way students feel about their financial situation?
  3. Does Blackbullion have an impact on their financial capabilities?
  4. Can an online learning platform help with more proactive support provided by student services?

The results of that research can be found in our latest White Paper Enriching Students – the impact of Blackbullion on financial capability‘.

To download your copy of the white paper, please click here.

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