Written by Ola Szaran

Chief Marketing Officer

University of West England Bristol (UWE Bristol) has become the latest university to deploy our financial learning platform across campus.

UWE has always placed an emphasis on the importance of financial education, providing students with a variety of ways to enhance their money skills. Historically, this has included Financial Health Check appointments and an award winning FinCap Module.

To take this further, the university is now rolling Blackbullion out across campus to ensure their 29,000 students can gain the skills necessary to manage their finances during their university and beyond as graduates. In doing this, UWE aim to make sure students can focus on their main goal at university – to learn and achieve in their degree.

Current and prospective students enrolled at UWE can now access a range of online tools from the Blackbullion platform. This includes; digestible videos on budgeting, savings, and student fees & funding; a budget calculator; a student loan repayment estimator.

Students are able to access this at their own discretion, and have the freedom to develop essential money skills wherever and whenever they need.

On joining Blackbullion, e said:

At UWE we aim to introduce students to financial education every time they interact with financial matters. Whether it be applying for university, funding, house hunting or careers advice, there are countless opportunities to teach financial capability across the university.

Departments and faculties across the university have been involved in promoting Blackbullion on campus and we are looking forward to welcoming students into the new academic year with this fantastic resource.’

Sylwia Kalpage Money Advice Worker
University of West England Bristol
Sylwia Kalpage on UWE Bristol joining Blackbullion's university community

We are delighted to welcome UWE into our growing global community. The UWE student money services team has had a long standing commitment to student financial well-being, winning the NASMA Financial Capability Engagement Award this year.

At Blackbullion we are on a mission to ensure all students have access to impactful financial education for student success during university and well after graduation and can’t wait to work with the UWE team to make this a reality.

Vivi Friedgut Founder & CEO

About UWE Bristol

UWE Bristol is a University Alliance university with a common mission to make a real difference to local cities and regions. They use their experience of providing high quality teaching and research with real world impact to shape higher education and research policy for the benefit of students and business and civic partners.

Recognised for high quality teaching with a Gold TEF award, and one of the top 10 universities for undergraduate and postgraduate satisfaction, UWE has a strong focus on ensuring students leave university as ready and able graduates.

UWE Bristol offers more than 600 courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and short course level.

About Blackbullion

Blackbullion is an award winning EdTech company on a mission to make the world money smart.

With almost 30 clients in 5 countries, Blackbullion is deployed across multiple student service departments to maximise student success through enhancing retention, recruitment and diversity initiatives. It is our goal to ensure engaging and effective financial education is embedded at every point where people and money intersect on campus.

Learn more at blackbullion.com.

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