Written by Ola Szaran

Chief Marketing Officer

We’re getting a fresh new look 😎


Blackbullion was born out of a simple premise: we’re all better off when everyone is money smart. We launched Blackbullion.com to provide digital financial education that is both impactful and effective. We partnered with universities globally to help students make better financial decisions now and for the future.

As we enter our 5th year of making the world a money-smarter place we’re thrilled to bring all of our values, ambitions and goals into our new visual identity.


Introducing our new tagline: Invest in yourself


From the beginning, our brand was unique. Our name, Blackbullion, stands for three very important things that make up your financial future and we wanted to make sure our visual identity represented that drive and belief – that anyone can invest in themselves by learning and growing, and make more informed life choices, if given the tools to do so. 

“At Blackbullion, we believe that if you will it, and work for it, you can achieve your dreams. We want to help young people to achieve their dreams by becoming money smart.” – Vivi Friedgut, Founder & CEO of Blackbullion

Our new logo, and visuals represent the new stage we’re entering. 

Our offering is expanding from its core financial education genesis, to a more holistic range of services and solutions to help young people financially prepare for university, discover additional funding and plan for life after graduation. All while supporting our partner universities with workflow tools and solutions to further enhance the student experience.


Behind the name


Behind blackbullion logo

Black represents our desire to ensure anyone has the ability to be in the black. After all, ability to control our finances gives us a degree of control over our life and mastery over our destiny.

Bullion is the purest form of value much as education is both the ultimate value and the purest form of wealth.

The asterisk represents the small print. Knowing there is almost more to learn and explore and that the small print is often where you find the most interesting information – if you put in the work.

Our new brand resources, including logos, colours and guidance can be found in the Blackbullion Style Guide.   


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