Liverpool John Moores University and Blackbullion

What’s inside?

Liverpool John Moores University share their tips for success when it comes to engaging students in the Blackbullion financial wellbeing platform.

The money advice team at LJMU have been using Blackbullion for a number of years. During this time, they’ve encouraged thousands of LJMU students to sign up to the Blackbullion financial wellbeing platform to develop their financial knowledge and confidence. Download LJMU’s presentation to find out more about our partnership and impact Blackbullion is having at the university.

What is covered?

This presentation by LJMU shares:

  • How Liverpool John Moores University and Blackbullion are working together
  • The impact of Blackbullion’s financial wellbeing platform for LJMU students
  • LJMU’s top tips for success
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