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Insights & Trends Report July 2020

Our latest report on the biggest worries students face when it comes to coming back to campus this September.

Blackbullion Funding Tool 

Streamlining the funding application process for hardship, emergency loans, scholarships, bursaries, and other funds.

Financial Capability Report 2019

What is being done to develop students’ financial capability in the UK’s higher education sector

The Needs of Indigenous Students in Australia and New Zealand

Learnings from UK and US universities [2018]

Blackbullion in a Nutshell

Understand Blackbullion’s approach to financial literacy in Australia and New Zealand in our latest brochure.

Money and Mental Health: Student Financial Understanding & Wellbeing

Summary of a 2018 student survey conducted at Sheffield Hallam University

Financial Expectations and Spending Habits of Students

Understand student expectations of the cost of university, budgeting prevalence and efficacy, and overall financial habits

Understanding Student Financial Worries: Survey Summary

Summary of a 2018 student survey conducted at York St John University

The impact of Blackbullion on Financial Capability

This white paper explores the perceptions of financial education and determines the impact of Blackbullion at the universities that we are privileged to work with.

Financial learning goals of students

Over 1,500 students from the University of Hertfordshire took part in the survey aimed to understand students’ financial learning goals and capture their financial aspirations.

Money Week Playbook (NSMW)

Packed with fun, engaging, and easy-to-execute activities designed to encourage students to become #moneysmart. COMING SOON.

Campaign planning template

Our template can help you to plan student engagement activities to keep students interested with personal finance, throughout the academic year.

Student Money Guide

Our most popular guide for Open Days and Welcome Weeks. Share it with students to help them understand costs involved in coming to university.

Student Wellbeing Guide

Counselling services are facing annual rise in demand of about 10%. This guide is a useful resource for anyone facing students with mental health issues.

Student Career Guide

Growing number of students want to prepare for the life after graduation before they finish their degree. Use this free giveaway to guide them along the way.

Leveraging Blackbullion across institution

If you are planning to work with different departments these idea cards will explain how to plug Blackbullion into different student support departments.

Inspire students to grow their financial skills.