A recent survey conducted at the University of Hertfordshire shows that out of 1,715 students, 85% are interested to understand taxes.

Our product and content production is driven by feedback from users and this module is no exception.

We collaborated closely with students, and experts, to develop content that is not only pedagogically sound, but also providing a global perspective into the world of taxes for our students. Financial and tax experts who contributed to this module include, Robert Woodward, employment tax specialist; Emma Lunn, personal finance journalist; and Simon Bain, former personal finance editor for The Herald.


Lesson 1: Why pay taxes?

Lesson 2: How does income tax work?

Lesson 3: The PAYE system.

Lesson 4: How can I cut my tax bill?

Lesson 5: What is stamp duty?

Lesson 6: What is a tax code?


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