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5 questions to focus on financial wellbeing

We rarely pay attention to how our decisions about money impact our financial wellbeing and in turn, our overall health. Start with these 5 questions to focus on financial wellbeing.

Financial education and student wellbeing with Dr Dominique Thompson

A summary of the conversation between Dr Dominique Thompson and our Founder & CEO, Vivi, about financial education and the impact of money worries on student wellbeing.

5 good ‘Covid cash habits’ to keep up

How we spend our money has changed significantly with the pandemic. Let's take a look at the new 'Covid cash habits' many of us have developed and consider which ones to continue.

Financial Wellbeing Platform

The impact of financial concerns on student and staff wellbeing

Pete Quinn (Pete Quinn Consulting) highlights the latest research regarding the impact of financial concerns on both student and staff wellbeing. He also makes practical suggestions for how universities and colleges can address these.

3 ways to improve accessibility of your funding application process

In this guest blog post by Pete Quinn, Pete discusses the challenges of accessibility for the traditional funding application process and suggests 3 ways universities can make the process easier for both staff and students.

Virtual Open Days with UA92

Blackbullion’s Guide to Content and Engagement

At Blackbullion, we're constantly developing and updating our learning content. Read this blog for the latest changes; from content structure, to engagement strategies and more...