What is Blackbullion?
Blackbullion is an online learning platform that provides engaging, easy to use digital resources and tools designed to improve your financial literacy. Blackbullion helps you develop skills, knowledge, and confidence in money management by explaining financial concepts in an accessible way.  
Why should I use Blackbullion?
The earlier you grasp the fundamentals of managing money, the more control you can take over your finances. We simplify complex ideas from the world of finance, so you can focus on building the relevant knowledge and skills to make you smarter with money.
How much does Blackbullion cost?
It is completely free! If you are enrolled, or will be enrolling, at one of our partner universities you will have access to our platform. Sign up now to check if your university is on the list.
How do I access Blackbullion?
If your university is partnered with Blackbullion, then you just need to register with your university email address and authenticate your account. The next step? Just fire up your favourite browser and login!
What if my university isn't partnered with Blackbullion, can I still access the platform?
If your university doesn’t use Blackbullion, you can still access some of our resources for free. Join our Money Choices Bootcamp to get easy and actionable financial tips delivered straight to your mailbox. You can also check our Student Blog and Freebies to get free financial information and tips you can trust to help you stay in control of your money. If you’re keen to get full access to our platform, then do let your Student Support Services know about us.
What will I learn from Blackbullion?
You will learn the fundamentals of money management. From understanding saving, budgeting, and investing, to the financial implications of taking on a student loan. Our content and tools are designed by experts with a focus on learning excellence and impact.
How do I upgrade to a full university account?
It’s simple. You just need to connect your university email address to your Blackbullion account to upgrade for free. It will take you less than 1 minute, so do it now!
Can I use my mobile phone to access Blackbullion?
Yes, Blackbullion is designed mobile first so it means you can access and learn anywhere, anytime on any device be it mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
I’m an international student, is Blackbullion for me?
Yes. We know that your circumstances are different from the home students, so we’ve created a specific learning content that caters for your needs. We currently have partner universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. So if you’re going to study in any of these countries, create an account, check if your institution is on the list and get started!
I’m not studying in the UK, can I still access Blackbullion?
If your university or place of study subscribes to Blackbullion, you can still access us! We already partner with universities in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re keen to have access, let you Student Support Services know that you are interested to get a full access to Blackbullion to help you with your financial education
What is the Blackbullion student community?
The student community is where Blackbullion student users share insightful stories about money and wellbeing at university, exchange useful tips and ask questions. The community is the greatest source of ideas for us and is key in shaping the future of our learning platform.
Who can join the student community?
It’s free and open to all of our student users! So if you’re passionate about financial education and want to take part in improving the quality of financial education for young people, join it now.
What are the benefits of joining the student community?
You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to our Student Blog, and test our new product features. In addition, you will have the chance to get involved with our user research, including the chance to win some awesome prizes as a thank you from us. Other than that, you’ll be driving the progress of financial education forward!
Who should I contact if I am experiencing problems with the platform?

Contact us at hello@blackbullion.com and a member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible.