Written by Ola Szaran

Chief Marketing Officer

We are delighted to welcome the University of Surrey to our growing Blackbullion family! Last week, we spoke to the Student Money and Housing Team to find out their plans for the year.

BB: Welcome Team Surrey! Can you tell us who everyone is?

UoS: The Student Money and Housing Team is led by Maria – Student Advice Manager, Nigel – Student Money and Housing Team Leader, and two Student Money Advisers Holly and Tom.

Every year a number of students face having to give up on their dream to study at University due to financial difficulty. Fortunately, our Student Money and Housing Team is there to support them with impartial, tailored, advice and support.

BB: What are your key objectives for the year?


  1. To deliver financial resources that help students affected by money problems to continue and complete their studies.
  2. Provide access to a wide range of activities that will enhance personal development and employability.
  3. To identify and support vulnerable groups of students most likely to struggle with non-academic issues.

BB: Why have you decided to invest in Blackbullion? 

 UoS: Technology is changing how people learn and we believe that Blackbullion’ s resources can provide financial education training for all Surrey students, empowering them to make smarter and sound financial decisions that will improve their student journey (from pre-arrival to graduation) and employability skills.

BB: What a success look like in 1 year ? 

UoS: As this is our first year launching Blackbullion, we believe engagement by 5% of our student undergraduate population would constitute a success.

BB: Tell us one money tip we can share with students!

UoS: Whilst there are many established principles regarding money that when applied can have a profound impact, our number one tip is to seek advice from our Money Advisers. We understand the importance of relevance and our Money Advisers are happy to give tips that are tailored to your needs.

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